Related Concerns

Our team provides tank inspections & reporting to ensure environmentally safe procedures.

Concerns Regarding Petroleum Storage Tanks

When buying, selling, leasing, or otherwise legally responsible for real estate, the presence of a petroleum storage tank or tanks on the property may well affect your plans for its use and enjoyment. Possible soil and/or groundwater contamination and its effect on human health and the environment, as well as resulting responsibility for corrective action, are significant concerns.

Aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) are easy to inspect and usually leakage is visible. Underground storage tanks (USTs), however, often present challenges. Sometimes a distinct petroleum odor, excess water in a tank, or unusual fuel consumption (if currently in use), will signal leakage. The best way to determine if a UST is leaking is the use of borings below the depth of the tank and recovery of soil for testing. The importance of having professionals perform such inspections cannot be overemphasized.